Welcome to the Hill City Teens blog, presented by the Lynchburg Public Library Teen Advisory Board! All blog posts are created by TAB members and feature book reviews, craft ideas, library tips, and more.

Book Review – Wings of Fire

Sabiq, 13 Hi, again, it’s book review y’all. I know “Yay another Percy Jackson”, well this time I’m going to move one and do Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy. You see I don’t want to abandon Percy Jackson, I just to keep you all hanging like some Youtuber who just keeps annoying you with that “really secret… Continue Reading →

Sabiq – My Favorite Author

Sabiq, 13 Hi everyone! It’s me, Sabiq ‒ yes, the kid who writes book reviews for TAB and can’t stop with Percy Jackson. Well kids (or teens?), today is (kind of) your lucky day. I am going to talk about my favorite author, who is exactly you would expect it would be – Rick Riordan… Continue Reading →

Isaiah – Library Love

Isaiah, 17 Most younger kids’ idea of the ideal Saturday is going to the playground, getting ice cream, or watching a movie. Yet, when I was younger, my favorite Saturdays involved something different: a trip to the library. There was nothing more enjoyable for me than getting a bag full of books to read over… Continue Reading →

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